The Universe In Us

Published in 2020
The world is changing every second, there is a global awakening underway. What's it all for? Where's it all leading to? In the search of ourselves, we're uncovering demons, shining light on the darkness within. There is order in our chaos, but who will live and who will die in this New World Order? This book contains hidden answers in a story that embodies the journey to self-love, self-fulfilment and the true meaning of unconditional love.

The Winners' Guide

Published in 2015
Is living in the past holding you back from becoming the most happy, productive and awesome you? Stopping you from finding yourself and living those unshakable dreams? This book might just be written for you, my friend. I dived deep to share the most personal story of my life, so that you can overcome anything that's holding you back from winning at yours. When I began the process of writing this book back in 2012, I'd envisioned writing something that read like a cliche self-help book. Forcing myself to write page after page of meaningless non-sense that could be barely be distinguished from all the other 'inspirational' noise out there. Then one day, a friend and I took some magic mushrooms, putting the entire project into a new colourful perspective. I rewrote the entire thing from start to finish. Sharing a deep, personal, sometimes embarrassing story that lead to your average joe writing and publishing a very well-received book, boldly titled The Winners' Guide. Irrespective of it's egocentric, often misunderstood name; this book is really inspiring. If anything it will bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your face and a few ideas of how you can burn through the bullshit and become the best, most happiest version of you.